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Aliyah Bishop came into this world as a result of the time the X-man Bishop was traveling with Deathbird. After months together the two grew close and fell in-love. She was conceived on one of the many planets they ventured to while journeying throughout space.   Some time later her father either left her mother before he was told of her conception or her mother abandoned him when he refused to help her take over the Shiar Empire.  

She grew up under the watchful and suprisingly loving care of Deathbird. In Aliyah, Deathbird saw her beloved Bishop and knew that the future of the Shi’ar Empire lay within her. At some point she was given the 1/2 Shi’ar bodyguard and former x-man Lifeguard who protected her after separation from her mother.  At a later point she was granted a mighty ship capable of interstellar travel which housed the once human/kree hybrid consciousness of Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) a.k.a. Binary/Warbird.

Aliyah eventually becomes the Majestrix Sh’iar, being the only surviving member of the Neramani family, with her father as her consul. 

Known Relatives:  

Professor X  (Uncle deceased)

Bishop  (father) 

Shard (Aunt, deceased)

Deathbird (Mother, deceased)


This is a Miles Morales’s adorable face appreciation post.

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Misty Knight by Stephane Roux

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I am proud that I can relate to the characters in these comics!!!!


Misty Knight (Marvel Comics)

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