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Teen Titans of Color - Set One

Out of everyone on this page, Vic Stone is probably the most recognizable.  He was not the first black Teen Titan, though… that title goes to Mal Duncan, who was introduced in 1970, followed by Karen Beecher (introduced as his girlfriend in 1976 and showing up as Bumblebee three issues later).  Vic himself debuted in 1980.

Miri Delgado is Brazilian, and originally a member of Team Titans.  She was introduced in 1991.  Pantha was also introduced in 1991 — and I believe retconned after her death to have been Rosabelle Mendez.  For most of Pantha’s tenure, she was unsure of her origins.

And Ryuko Orsono — a rare Asian member of the Teen Titans — was part of Titans LA and introduced in 2000.  He was killed by Superboy-Prime about five years later.